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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Bob Lucas wrote:

I'm interested in WW-II tank car prototypes... would appreciate anyone
having a 1943 ORER handy kindly provide the TOTAL tank cars shown for
the firms below.
From the 1/1943 ORER,

Shell Oil (SCCX, RPX)
SCCX (California) - 539 cars.
RPX and SEPX (St. Louis) - 3,254 cars.

Canadian General Transit (CGTX, CGBX)
CGTX - 1,243 - (CGBX Marks not recognized).

Barrett Div., Allied Chemical (BMX, PBX)
BMX - 1,480 (No PBX Marks recognized).

North American Car (AESX, NATX)
NATX - 1,524 cars.
AESX (North American had not bought the Staley fleet in 1/43) - 88 cars.

Cities Service (CSOX, EROX)
Total CSOX and EORX - 2,976 cars.

Gulf Oil (GRCX)
GRCX - 1,551 cars.

Socony-Mobil (SMX)
In 1943, the company was named Socony Vacuum - Mobil did not replace Vacuum until the mid to late 1950's. There were no cars marked SMX (or SVX) in the 1/1/1943. Socony Vacuum Cars included:

LUBX (Lubrite Division - HQ - St. Louis) - 196 Cars.
WEOX - (White Eagle Division - HQ - Kansas City) - 740 Cars.
WSRX - (White Star - Ohio Division - HQ - Detroit) - 296 Cars.

Champlin Refining (HHCX)
Total HHCX and LENX - 712 cars.

Continental Oil (CONX)
CONX - 1,210 cars.

Columbia Southern Chemical (SACX, PPGX)
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPGX) and Columbia Alkali (CACX) - 119 cars.
Southern Alkali (SACX) - 50 cars.

Tim Gilbert

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