Re: Dullcote problem

Ned Carey <nedspam@...>

With the newly sprayed Dullcote dry the roof has a spotty appearance
at certain viewing angles. Does anyone have an idea as to the cause?

Mike Rose does a fading technique where he sprays with dullcoat and then sprays with alcohol which causes a blushing (whitish coloration) of the dullcoat. Perhaps this is what happened somehow.

He says his technique is reversable by simply spraying more dullcoat and the blushing disapears. Perhaps your solution is to simply respray with more dullcoat. However I would do a test sample first.

Another PFA (plucked from air) guess as to the problem is the surface wasn't clean or totally dry from the oils. The dullcoat may have "sealed in" the problem. A possible solution is simply more weathering to hide / blend the problem. Perhaps just some chalks.

Ned Carey

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