Re: Dullcote problem

Gregg Mahlkov <mahlkov@...>


The cause is quite simple, it is the humidity in the air. As you spray the Dullcote, its temperature drops because the pressure in the can is dropping. This causes tiny droplets of moisture in the air to cling to the droplets of Dullcote, causing the "blushing" or "milky" spots.

I used to spray in a "Florida room" at the back to the house I rented and had to wait for an exceptionally dry day to spray Dullcote. Since I built my house, my spray painting is done in a heated and air conditioned room above the garage and I have had no further troubles with Dullcote from a "spray bomb"

Both houses are within 1500 feet of the Gulf of Mexico, so humidity is a problem.

Gregg Mahlkov
Florida's Forgotten Coast

Jared Harper asks:

Yes, I am using rattle can dullcote and have for years. I have never
had this problem before. I need to know the cause and how to fix it.

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