Re: wanted: APM Flexible Clippers Bus Model

Allen Cain <allencain@...>

At the risk of wandering off topic for this list, I am responding to the
comments regarding the availability of APM models.

I recently contacted Classic Metal Works to express my interest in bus
models for the steam era. They were rather cryptic in their comments but
left me with the feeling that this may very well be a future model offering.
No specific model of bus was discussed but I did reference the APM buses in
my original email.

They did indicate that they would pass my email along to their marketing
product research group. Perhaps if others on this group sent them more
emails on this subject it might move this up their priority list. Here is
the email address"


Be sure to mention the scale and time period that you are interested in
buying. I was looking for early 1950's buses (transit/highway/school) in HO

Allen Cain

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