Re: wanted: APM Flxible Cl;ipper Bus Model

Victor Rance

FWIW there is a large window Flexible Clipper available in cast white metal
available from Australian company Weico Models at

Victor Rance, Adelaide, South Australia

Modeling the Santa Fe Howard, KS, Branch

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I know bus is a four letter word on a lot of layouts but I'm looking
for a

American Precision Model HO Flxible Clipper bus for a railcar load.

I kick myself for not buying some of these models when they were

introduced, especially the transit version. As a result I've resorted

to ebay and see them occasionally. But be prepared to shell out

upwards of $45 or more. Its a shame that after APM went out of

business noone else picked up their molds as these are nice models. I

could use a few more myself.

Rick Maxwell

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