Re: R-40-23 w/ diagonal panel roof?

Andy Carlson

Intermountain RR Co., according to Terry Wegmann, had
accidently run a batch of RTR R-40-23's with the DP
roof from the Amarillo club's R-40-25. Since removing
the roof would have brought certain destruction to his
Reefer, Terry removed the lettering and numbers (he
used CA debonder on a Q-Tip), painted some appliances
Orange (over black)and relettered it as a R-40-25.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

--- jaley <> wrote:

I recently purchased a factory assembled HO scale IM

I immediately noticed that the car has a diagonal
panel roof. The car is
lettered as an R-40-23.

My first thought was that IM had accidentally put
the wrong paint scheme
on an R-40-25 body, but the ends lack the extra top
rib of the R-40-25.

My question: was there any such car (R-40-23 w/
diagonal panel roof)? I
could not find one in Thompson, Church & Jones'

I thought I'd double-check here before I contact IM
to see if I can get a



Jeff Aley
DPG Chipsets Product Engineering
Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA
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