Bruce Smith

On Sun, February 12, 2006 2:28 pm, Arnold wrote:
I'm mistake.
I do mean the 2 revited types, 8.000 & 10.000 gallons.

Yes, sort of, to your original question. As we have noted here to you
previously, UTLX had their own design, the X-3, for riveted tank cars, and
a wonderful series of kit is available in resin from Sunshine, inlcuding
short and long 8K gallon and a 10k Gallon riveted tank. For the majority
of your UTLX cars, these would be most appropriate. However, UTLX did own
a variety of other cars. The cars sold by IM are XC&F type 27 designs.
IRRC (and Richard I'm sure will feel free to correct me), UTLX did have
both 8K and 10K type 27s although not that many (they would have had more
Type 21s, as done by Lifelike). Also be careful as the IM kit I have has
white lettering and UTLX cars all had yellow lettering!! So you'll either
end up wheathing the heck out of it (appropriately) or redoing the
lettering anyway.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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