Resharpened Carbide Drill Bits


List: A good source of resharpened carbide bits can be found at . The bits can be purchased in 10 packs for $0.90 ea. They
have 0.125 inch shanks, plastic ID size collars and a neat plastic case. Sizes
are available in wire gage, micro wire gage and metric and can be had in
assortments and single sizes. I use them in a Brazelton drill press refitted with
an Albrecht 0 - 0.125 chuck. The 0.125 shank on the bit makes it easy to chuck
the bit up. I find that the carbide bits do not "walk" or wonder, they just
drill where they are pointed. I also use the Brazelton motor/grearhead as a
drilling hand piece, but you have to be careful of bit breakage. However I have
found that carbide bits broken in half still drill like new. I also have two
sets of one size Starrett knurled metal pin vises for hand drilling and hole
cleaning. Each one has a dedicated drill and labeled so my 64 year old eyes can
find them easily. Cheap Enco TiN coated wire drill sets work fine in the pin
vises for plastic and resin. An Enco #61-80 set is $9.55. For you "old eye
folks," you may also want to check out a vision aid by Edroy Products called
Opticaid. It comes in diopters from +2D to +10D and clips on eye glass frames, very
helpful. Regards: Jerry Albin Homer Glen, IL

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