Re: delray connecting railroad

Bob Lucas

Bill, a short history of the Delray Connecting appeared some years ago
in the NMRA Division 4 (North Central Region) magazine. From what I
recall, the DCRR mostly performed industrial switching in the
downriver area of Detroit. There was a concentration of heavy
industry on Zug Island including Semet-Solvey Div. Allied Chemical
(who, I believe owned the DCRR for many years), Great Lakes Steel,
Detroit Edison and the U.S. Army's Fort Wayne depot. The Delray ran a
daily turn from Zug Island, the "stone run", until 1953 over the DT&I
to a nearby limestone quarry at Sibley. Presumably, that's how the
hoppers you mention were utilized. The DCRR is still around, though
the "rust belt" industry it served has pretty evaporated. Bob

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