Re: R-40-23 w/ diagonal panel roof?

Mr Charles burns

Hello Jeff,All
I made some R-40-25s in N by kitbashing a diagonal
panel roof. The ends on the 25's have an extra small
rib at the top, and the dropsteps are a different
style, without the sidesill tab.
The Thompson PFE book {Bible on the cars!} shows all
of these features.
Charlie Burns
ESPEE coastline '64 in N.

--- jaley <jaley@...> wrote:

I recently purchased a factory assembled HO scale IM

I immediately noticed that the car has a diagonal
panel roof. The car is
lettered as an R-40-23.

My first thought was that IM had accidentally put
the wrong paint scheme
on an R-40-25 body, but the ends lack the extra top
rib of the R-40-25.

My question: was there any such car (R-40-23 w/
diagonal panel roof)? I
could not find one in Thompson, Church & Jones'

I thought I'd double-check here before I contact IM
to see if I can get a



Jeff Aley jaley@...
DPG Chipsets Product Engineering
Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA
(916) 356-3533

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