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The cause is quite simple, it is the humidity in the air. As you
spray the
Dullcote, its temperature drops because the pressure in the can is
This causes tiny droplets of moisture in the air to cling to the
droplets of
Dullcote, causing the "blushing" or "milky" spots.

I used to spray in a "Florida room" at the back to the house I
rented and
had to wait for an exceptionally dry day to spray Dullcote. Since
I built my
house, my spray painting is done in a heated and air conditioned
room above
the garage and I have had no further troubles with Dullcote from
a "spray
Greg is exactly right. Spray painters call the defect he describes
gun blush. It happens when it's very humid. Droplets of moisture
condense on the cold, still wet paint. If the aerosol can of paint
chills down a lot that could make the problem worse.(Cans of air
brush propellant always did that for me).

Ed Mines

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