Illinois Central GS gondolas questions

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I have a Detail Associates GS gon kit that I have for years planned
to build as an Illinois Central car, but until recently had no good
photos to work from. Within the space of few months, all of a sudden
I now have four:
94931 blt 8-53 with drop mechanisms in place-1955-Bob's Photo
96337 blt ? with drop mechanisms removed-1975-Bill Raia collection
98279 blt 4-52 with drop mechanisms removed-Nov. 1956-bob's Photo
99/// blt 2-40 with drop mechanisms removed-April 1959-bob' Photo

All of these are stenciled with an IL of 41' O" and capacity of 1947
cubic feet. 1955 ORER reveals these cars had an IH of 5 feet.

Except for the drop mechanisms being removed, all appear to be pretty
much as built. 99/// (I forgot to write the last digits) does have
retangular holes cut in the plate to which the sill steps are
attached, which look like another place for a foot. It also clearly
has the pre-war Dreadnaught ends, but I am not sure if the 1952 and
after cars have the postwar Improved Dreadnaught end.

BTW, these cars were classed "GB" by the IC. My intent is to build a
model of a 1940 example with the drop mechanisms in place. My problem
is that gons of the stenciled 1947 cu.ft. capacity do not show up in
the ORER's I own until the 1950's. Here is a summary of what I have

1943 ORER 2 series a close match
82000-82719 IH & IL as above but w/1956 Cubic feet capacity
85000-85749 IH & IL as above but w/1956 Cubic feet capacity

1955 ORER 2 series an exact match
85000-85999 IH & IL as above w/1947 Cubic feet capacity
94000-95499 IH & IL as above w/1947 Cubic feet capacity

My conjecture is that the 1943 ORER capacity is in error. Also it
appears a renumbering occured. My questions are for one of these cars
in 1953, what number series would the 1940 built cars be in? Out of
curiosity I am also interested in who built these various series of
cars for the IC?

I am not interested in replys about why I am using the DA kit and not
the Red Caboose kit. If folks want to dicuss the merits of the two
kits, please change the subject line.

Bill Welch

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