Re: Marklin/Trix R-40-14's

David Ball

That was (broadly) the next question I was going to ask!

Another option would be the Terry's ends from the R-30-18, etc kits.
I'm not at home at the moment, but I look at this briefly the other
night. I can't remember the how the width compared to the IM R-40-
10, but I remember that they were a few scale inches too long.
However from memory this seemed to be in the lower plate below the
ribs, so with a bit of slicing and rejoining, they could work

The big quest may be if they are available separately. If you need to
sacrifice a whole kit, then there wouldn't be any cost advantages
over the Trix price (assuming you can correct the discrepancies).


David Ball

--- In, "mopacfirst" <ron.merrick@...> wrote:

Has anyone tried using the IM R-40-10 with Detail Associates white
plastic ends? These are the ends that were originally designed for
the Athearn car, and I know they're two or three scale inches too
narrow for the IM R-40-23 (I once thought about this conversion
but didn't do it).
The IM kit has the beveled corners to work with the square corner
ends, but the Detail Associates W-section end has its own rivets so
it might be possible to trim the sides back just a bit.
Or is this nuts?

Ron Merrick

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