TC RPM aftermath

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

Erik, thanks a lot for posting the photos. I REEEAAALY appreciate
it. A
few people have asked if last years photos are still posted, and
provided me with a link:

Final attendance was down a bit from last year. Around 125 this year
compared to almost 200 last year. I need to give thanks and a lot of
the credit to all the people that helped with this years meet.

Mark Klayum-check in
Steve Kopacz Tin Vitelli, and Hudson Leighton for tech assistance in
the auditorium.
The presenters-Jim Platt, Les Breuer, Doug Hodgdon, Yvonne and
from Loksound, Jim Lawson, Louis Claeson, Bob Ball and Dawn
and Clark Propst for helping get the word out on all the groups.

I also can't say enough about Maureen over at the community center.
has treated our get together with wonderful hospitality and a
professional job very well done.

A huge thank you to all the exhibitors for taking the time to pack
their models and share them with all of us. One other quick
sidebar...we had groups travel in from Whitefish MT, Iowa, northern
Minnesota, and Green Bay.

Greg Smith / Apple Valley, MN

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