Re: New York Central stock car question

Jeff English

Bob's Photos has several photos of the NYC 22000- and 23000-series
stock cars, IIRC

Jeff English
Troy, New York
where the song "Aura Lee" was written (better known in modern times
as performed by Elvis as "Love Me Tender")

--- In STMFC@..., "lnbill" <bwelch@...> wrote:

I started working on cleaning up one Al W's NYC stock car kits and
as I
was doing so I decided I wanted to try to find more photos than
the one
I have. THe one photo I have is from my friend, John King, and I
am not
where he got the negative. It is NYC 22080, which was built in
from Lot 421 with a reweigh of BG 1-47. The car in the photo has a
roof and DS ends.

Does anyone on the list know of other photos of these early cars.
I am
building an example of a car with SS ends. The kit I have has a
roof but I am thinking, after reading a history of the cars, I may
to get a wood roof from Al.

Bill Welch

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