Speaking of Decals



I'm doing some cleanup and have a few extra HO Champ
decals here--free for the taking. They're not more
than one year old. Here's the list:

HB-7 SAL Box Car, Robert E. Lee
HB-8 SAL Box Car, Courteous Service
NH-21 ACL Lettering Set, White
HB-321 NYC Box Car (mid-1950s style)
HN-62 MP White Lettering Set

No charge--just drop me a note off-line if you'd like
one or all at Golden1014@yahoo.com.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

Hosting the St. Louis RPM Meet
25-26 Aug 2006 9AM to 9PM
Gateway Convention Center
One Gateway Center Dr.
Collinsville, IL, 62234

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