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I used Bob's Photos's softcovers and the Sirman photos, Rich Burg collection photos, ACF Industies collection and the NYCHS builders photo collection to help prepare the patterns. - Al Westerfield

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Bill Welch asked:
"Does anyone on the list know of other photos of these early cars?"

Two from the Sirman Collection on Terry Link's CASO website:

Jeff English replied:
"Bob's Photos has several photos of the NYC 22000- and 23000-series
stock cars, IIRC."

Two are in his softcover "Freight Equipment of the New York Central,
Volume 1: Box, Stock & Refrigerator Cars", page 43: NYC 23358
(Silver City, NC, January 28, 1952) and NYC 23334 (Silver City, NC,
January 28, 1952).

Ben Hom

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