Slag/hot cinder cars in N scale

David Smith <dsmith@...>

I'm looking for any models of steam era slag ladles or hot cinder cars
in N scale. I gather Overland made one in brass, but I have been unable
to find one for sale by any hobby vendor on the Internet (I have already
done multiple Google searches, so don't post the Golf Manor Hobbies site
- they're sold out) - I saw one come up on eBay, but apparently lack the
requisite knowledge of actual value to place a winning bid. I've also
seen it rumored that Minitrix made them. I'm looking for a way to get
even a single one. Anyone know a hobby shop that still has one

Dave Smith

David L. Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Professional Development
Da Vinci Discovery Center, Allentown, PA <>

"Who will pick up where Leonardo left off?"

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