Athearn PS-2 and hatch spacing variations questions

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I received yesterday an undecorated Athearn PS-2 that I had ordered and
generally I think it is well engineered. I was disappointed that the
grab irons that form the end and side ladders were molded on. Because
of the type of car, and the way the parts are designed, these will not
be difficult to remove, but I would not have minded not having to drill
more holes, and building yet again another jig to bend an odd width of

I plan to build both Wabash and Illinois Central versions eventually,
as these are examples good for my period, but I thought I would need to
do work on the roof to change the spacing of the roof hatches. The way
the roof is molded this would be very easy. The photo I have of an
early Wabash example is a threequarter shot, so I cannot judge
precisely, but the hatch spacing on that photo appears to match that on
the model. I have not ordered a back issue yet of RMJ w/Ed Hawkins
article, but I am wondering which PS-2's had hatch spacing that differs
from this model?

Bill Welch

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