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....You need to know I build models from
photos, never use a ruler, I have no idea if the railing are anywhere
close to scale, but they look like the ones in the photos.
Well, that works, because you have such a great eye for what you're
modeling. Some of us can look at a photo a hundred times and still not
see what's there. And if you build with your eyes glued to calipers
and a ruler, sometimes in the end, when it's too late, your holistic
eye lets you know you got a measurement wrong. I've been learning a
lot messing with calipers lately, but I tend to favor your more
holistic approach too. Mostly I drag the calipers out to try and
figure out dimensionally why something I drew or made looks out of
proportion compared to a photograph of the prototype. And of course
rulers are handy for making straight cuts...

Guess I need to jump in and just finagle those siderails based on my
eye and plausible practice and see how they come out. But if I'm not
mistaken, on the NP 52'6" TOFC flats the posts appear to have been
contoured, or there was some other sort of fitting that made the rails
nestle into them- giving the rails the appearance of being clamped or
fitted, rather than just butted onto the post tops. Uncertainty about
that is what's slowed me down. I think Tim O'C. has groused about this
question a few times too. The best photo have so far of of the rails
on the NP cars came from him, though, so he's been on the trail.

Nope I wasn't there, I've just been looking at the 'net photos posted
of your cars. Maybe I'll get to Naperville this year though. Thanks
and best,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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