Freight Car Trucks - when?

Jim Betz

Hi All,
I thought I had a handle on this and then I started asking myself
some questions and realized I didn't really know enough.
I know stuff like when certain truck styles were banned in
interchange (thanks to people like Guy W.). But I was trying to
answer stuff like the following and not only don't know but don't
know how to find out ...

When were the various truck types introduced? Arch Bar,
Andrews, Bettendorf, Bettendorf T-section, Barber S-2, etc.
And the other side of the coin ... when did they go out of
favor (stop being common)?
How long after the all-cast trucks were introduced were they
essentially used on all new cars being built?
Why was there a Bettendorf and also a T-section Bettendorf?

So has any one written this up some where? Is it online or
in some book I need to study? All pointers to the info will
be appreciated. Or if you know the answers and consider it
to be a 'short list' and want to just post it or put it in
the files ... that's fine also.
- Jim Betz in San Jose

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