Re: Truck Chronology


Anthony and everybody:

Thanks for the info on trucks and their chronology.
I've been looking for this info myself, am glad to
learn anything I can. I've been trying to learn to
recognize different types of trucks by collecting pics
and data off the net, but am still very far from an

About Barber trucks: I have got a drawing of Erie
wooden trussrod boxcars in the 100000-101999 series
from the 1913 diagram book which notes the cars had
Barber trucks, but there is no illustration of them.
I'm sure they are not the same as Barber _stabilized_
trucks which Anthony mentioned (of which I have a
model photo; they are very distinctive, not to say
futuristic (jet-age) in appearance).

I am far from sure whether the ones in use in 1913 are
the Barber S2 design, which looks like a more-or-less
"generic" cast steel truck. Doesn't "S2" suggest it
wasn't the earliest design? Does the "S" stand for
"stabilized", which would put it circa 1930? If so,
what does the early Barber look like? Does anybody
have any light to throw on this question?

BTW, other similar cars from the 1913 book have
Archbar or Fox trucks, but none seem to have had
Andrews trucks (although not every drawing has the
type of truck noted). Weren't Andrews trucks in use in
I need to learn a lot more about trucks, or stop
obsessing so much :^) Maybe I'm also obsessing too
much about draft gear (what's the difference between
Miner Friction and Sessions Friction with Farlow

I would like, though, to have better knowlege of the
different roof types on boxcars. Does anybody know of
a good reference on this subject?

Thanks in advance, and for everything else I've
learned on this list.


Lee Dennegar
Piscataway NJ (Between the CNJ and the LV, not far
from the Port Reading branch)

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