Re: Freight Car Trucks - when?

Jim Betz

Tony and others,
I just read thru the RP Cyc #4 article and it is "big on spotting
characteristics but not so big on dates". I was able to get some
dates out of it but I'd really like to have more precise info - and
then lay it out in some kind of table/graph that shows when trucks
of a particular design were actually in both production and use ...
and when they weren't.
Richard H. - are you out there? Do you have a table/graph you would
like to share? There are a lot of dates in Cyc #4 that are given as
"in the first decade" and similar fuzziness. It's been over 5 years
since Cyc #4 was published and a bit longer since you developed your
clinic. Do you have additional info now?
- Jim B. in San Jose

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