1920's SP Tank Cars

Gary E. Ray <garyeray@...>


I'm looking for information on AC&F tank cars built for SP. According to
Kaminski's book (pg. 61) a lot (Lot #8358) of 400 cars as ordered. Looking
at my 1928 ORER, it shows 92 cars # 48100 to 48,199 that were part of that

Were the other cars #49,100 to 49399 (shows 295 cars in 1928)?

Were all the cars 12,611 gallons? What was the diameter and length of the

My Train Shed Cyc. #12 shows only 6000, 7000, 8000, and 10,000 gallons. Did
SP have any 8000 or 10000 gallon cars?

Does anyone have a lettering diagram for the side and ends during the 20's
(any time before 1927)? Various diagrams would be welcomed.

Photos anyone?

Thanks in advance for taking time to answer my questions.

Gary Ray

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