Re: Freight Car Trucks - when?

Jim Betz

Richard and Tony,
Thanks for the help. Both for helping me to understand
"fuzziness" correctly on this topic and Richard for your
very helpful summary of the article in RP Cyc #4.
Every bit helps ... sometimes I am too focused on the
details, sometimes not enough. As you may have guessed
the purpose behind my questions is to figure out which
trucks to put on which freight cars ... and also how to
do a better job of selecting cars for a particular era.
The club I'm a member of has a wide variety of op session
themes - so one month we might be running all steam and
the next the 70's and the next the transition. And it is
all too frequent that I make a mistake and get 'busted'
by the prototype cops. I'm trying not to trust the details
that a particular manufacturer selects to include in a kit.
Some are very good (Westerfield and Sunshine for instance)
and others seem to make a lot of "good enough" decisions
(or maybe they don't even know themselves and/or don't
do the research). It certainly would help if those makers
who are attempting to represent a particular car would
include info such as " ... as equipped in 19__ when this
car had been rebuilt and the trucks were replaced and
the paint scheme was changed from ____ to _____ ...". Or
even just a photo of the car or cars from that sequence
and the date that the photo was taken.
But then I'd be doing less research and although my
models would be more accurate - I'd know less ... not
something that is consistent with my personal goals and
sources of satisfaction in this hobby (mania?).

I remain in your debt ... thanks again. Jim in San Jose

P.S. Richard - I was probably writing my "not too hot on
dates" just about the same time as you were doing
your very well written summary. I had not seen your
reply when I wrote that and so please understand
when it was written and what I had seen when I wrote
it. I'm on "daily digest" for STMFC.

IMO you will just have to understand that "fuzziness" is
part of the history.
Exactly. Or, rather, inexactly, which is why, in my fairly lengthy
post on this subject yesterday, as well as in the RPC 4 article, I
did not specify precise dates.
Richard Hendrickson

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