Re: Santa Fe Bx49?? + CGW boxcar?? Help, anyone?

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Blair Kooistra asked:
"A former Santa Fe boxcar, obviously rebuilt from an earlier car,
not sure what class of car this is, and all lettering except for the
ATSF initials and one herald are painted out. Very interesting end--
what I'd describe as a 2/5 dreadnaught end with an "x" rib panel
atop the 2-panel section--and this panel almost looks like a
reversed stamping. I'm sure you Santa Fe experts will know what this
one is in an instant. Murphy panel roof, with four circular hatches
on the right side (likely added by the car's eventual owner), steel
roof walks. Does/did Sunshine make this car?"

["Blair's Old Freight Cars"]

Blair, the Santa Fe car is a Class Bx-11 single sheathed boxcar
rebuilt with steel sides between 1956-1962 (ATSF 19000-20438). 83
of these cars were modified with roof hatches for Perlite service
between 1956-1965. However, a photo of ATSF 41175 shows only two
hatches on the L side of the car and the large Circle and
Cross "Ship and Travel" scheme with white doors; this car has four
hatches on the same side and is in the older paint scheme, so your
theory of these being post-retirement mods may be closer to the
truth. See p 141-142 of John Dobyne's Santa Fe Boxcars 1869-1953
for more prototype information.

Sunshine does NOT make a kit of this car. Westerfield makes a kit
of these cars as built:

I'd use a undec Branchline Trains 6 ft door postwar AAR boxcar as a
starting point. (The Intermountain Modified 1937 AAR car would work
as well, but the Branchline kit gives me the doors and extra ends
and roof that could be used for other projects.) The side sill mods
and underframe mods are straightforward; however, the ends will
require some creativity. Ends from the Westerfield kits are the
starting point - the tricky part is reproducing the top corrugation.

"--CGW 9016, 40' 10-panel steel boxcar, wooden roofwalk. Turned into
housing. Looks like a 10' hi car, W corner post 5/4 end. Looks like
your basic Red Caboose car."

Not quite - this car has 4/5 Pullman carbuilder's ends. CGW 9001-
9175 (originally from CGW 91000-91099 and 92000-92149, P-S lots 5771
and 5805, 1945). Gene Green calls these "PS-Transition" cars. This
particular car is from a group of 175 cars sold to Chicago Freight
Car leasing in 1963, modified with reinforced side sills, and leased
back to CGW. See page 29 of Gene Green's Morning Sun CGW Color
Guide for more information.

Stan Rydarowicz sells conversion ends for the Red Caboose 1937 AAR
boxcar to model these cars - see his article in the March 2001
Railmodel Journal for details.

Ben Hom

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