another Burlington single sheathed box car question


Burlington had 2 classes of box cars with 4/5 Dreadnaught ends and
9'4" IH. The first group (XM-29) had sides that look something like
the classic XM-25/XM-26 (i.e. 6 diagonal braces per side) and the
original Accurail cars. The second group (XM-30) had 4 diagonal braces
per side, like the later Accurail cars.

What kind of roofs did these cars have? How about doors in the
mid '40s? Can anyone think of some photos of these cars?

The XM-30s look like the GM&N cars shown in Ted's book.

Their final group of 40 ft. SS box cars is pictured in the 1940 CBC.
What kind of a roof did it have? My recollection is that it had metal
doors - I once decaled an MDC single sheathed box car with a Red Ball
steel door for CB&Q. Some substitute, eh? Ah, the good old days.


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