Re: Bob's Photo Reprints. was URTX Reefer

Captain Dudley

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Phil, that depends on the color of the page the photo was on. Bob
has told
me that photos for which he doesn't have negatives are usually on
pages. I'll be seeing him in 3 weeks in Kirtland Ohio. I can call
him and
ask him to bring the URTX binder and see if the photo in question
is in it.
However, I just went back to the original message and saw the photo
was in
Fayetteville NC in 1951, and my mind is telling me that given the
date and
location it may have been a Col. Chet McCloid photo, and I think
Bob has
most of those in separate binders. Can someone else please
confirm, or
correct my memory.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY
If that is the Kirkland OH show, it is March 18-19 this year?? Are
you sure that he will be coming there?

Mike Dudley

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