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There's an article in the September, 2001 Railmodel Journal which
shows how Stan Rydarowicz kitbashed one of the 1936 style cars. The
article has some good photos of an M&StL and a CMStP&P car from this
original series. The car marked for the Milwaukee is not identified by
number and there aren't enough of the markings showing through the
grime to pull the number from the photo.
Moving forward to the series which includes URTX 35521: the bit
of this later series car that shows up on the photo has double columns
of rivets at each sidewall panel joint, like a PFE R-40-10, etc. Also,
the bolster is "Tabbed" like an AAR box car. There isn't enough
showing that I can see the door, so I can't see the hinges. However,
from the rivet patterns, the tabs, and Ted's description of the
hinges on the later cars, would the side panels (including the door
hardware) from an Intermountain R-40-10/20/23 be correct?

Phil Buchwald

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URTX 35521 is a General American product based upon the General
American "standard" steel refrigerator first introduced in 1936. The
first cars had articulated hinges and flat riveted ends and roofs.
Later cars, like URTX 35521, had the ends with the rectangular
corrugations (similar to the MDT corrugation, though not the same to my
eye) in the ends and more traditional hinges, but retained the flat
roofs. These cars were originally leased to the Milwaukee. By the
early 1950s many were being leased to M&StL. Many, maybe all, were
rebuilt in the 1950s with what appear to be Improved Dreadnaught ends
and Murphy diagonal panel roofs. These rebuilds were leased to packing
companies among other lessees.

Ted Culotta

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