Re: URTX 35521 was MDT reefer


--- In STMFC@..., "buchwaldfam" <duff@...> asked:
...does anyone know if Bob's photo will
make a new print if you give them a negative number? Or is it a
of once the prints are gone, they're gone?
Bob's Photos prints now have negative numbers?

Has anyone recently asked Bob or his son about cataloging his huge
collection of negatives?

I heard (through this group) that Bob wanted to cut back on

3 or 4 years ago I bought prints from a list Richard Hendrickson and
others assembled. Most of the prints arrived eventually so at that
time negatives were being reprinted (I got credit for the prints
that never showed up).

Within the last year someone in the group wrote that Bob usually
printed from his most recently acquired negatives.

If someone internet saavy (like a high schooler) catalogued the new
prints as they are made I'd buy steam era prints from Bob through
the mail.


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