Re: Decals for reweigh and repack

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Steve Haas asked:
"I'm looking for a source/sources of decals for GN, SP&S, NP, CB&Q,
UP and SP reweigh dates and locations. Is anyone aware of sets for
this purpose?"

Yes - Champ HD-52 for C&S, GN, NP, UP, and SP. (Oddly, none of the
Champ reweigh symbol sets covers CB&Q.)
Scroll down the page and you'll find date sets for different time

"I'd also be interested in a list of codes used for GN reweigh
locations circa early to mid 50's."

See Jim Brewer's spreadsheet "Station & Reweigh Symbols.xls" in the
STMFC files section:

Ben Hom

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