Re: Unusual Box Car

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Randy Williamson wrote:

Attending a swap meet in Appleton, WI today. I purchased some
Milwaukee Road publicity photographs. This box car caught my eye. I
am not sure if you can call it a box car.

According to the April 1961 ORER, MILW #273221 was designated as an XMP car: - "XMP" defined as "A house car similar in design to "XM" but specially equipped for loading a specific commodity other than autos and parts and not suitable for miscellaneous commodity loading."

Note J in the 4/61 ORER pertained to both MILW's #273000-273260 and #273231-273261 series saying that the cars were equipped for wood chips. The Inside length at the bottom of the floor was 36' 11" vs. at the top of the car "50' 6." There were seven doors on each side with the widths of four being 4' 7 1/2" each; two being 5' 8 1/2" each; and one seven foot wide. These cars also had seven hatches on each side of the running board.

Tim Gilbert

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