Re: Unusual Box Car

Ian Cranstone

On 26-Feb-06, at 7:34 PM, Randy Williamson wrote:

Attending a swap meet in Appleton, WI today. I purchased some
Milwaukee Road publicity photographs. This box car caught my eye. I
am not sure if you can call it a box car.
I got curious and looked this car up in the January 1961 ORER: It describes this car as an XMP, Box Stl., Composite Superstructure, Single Sheathed.

Note J says, "Cars in series 273000-273260 and 273261-273271 are equipped for handling wood chips. Inside length at floor 39 ft. 11 in., at top of plate 50 ft. 6 in. These cars have 7 doors on each side with widths of openings as follows: 4 doors 4 ft. 7-1/2 in.; 2 doors 5 ft. 8-1/2 in.; 1 door 6 ft. These cars also have 7 hatches on each side of running board, width of opening 5 ft. 3 in., height of opening 2 ft. 5 in."

I guess we know what Milwaukee Road did with some obsolete auto boxcars.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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