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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Anthony Thompson wrote:

Tim Gilbert wrote:
Still 250 cars a week (13,071 divided by 52 weeks) does not seem that
much. Will you get CRI&P interchange data for Tucumcari, St. Louis &
Chicago? The latter two, I think, would have gotten a bigger piece of
the "PFE pie" east than the Wabash route. For instance, the second
example of Signature Press' PFE reefer routing to Philadelphia implies
that the RI interchanged with the PRR at St. Louis via the TRRA.
There are a number of documents in surviving PFE files (now at
CSRM) giving very strict instructions to "short haul" the Pennsy
whenever possible, because their perishable service was so bad. Of
course a shipper could countermand this, but the PFE instructions would
certainly be opposed to Tim's example, giving PRR a haul from St. Louis
to Philadelphia. I bet there was an alternative that was used, though
off hand I don't know what it might be.

Well, as Signature Press and author, you are one-third responsible for putting in the Philadelphia PA Example into the PFE Book.

Alternatives to Philadelphia could be St. Louis - B&O. Another example could be ERIE-Newberry Jct.- RDG. The problem with both these end routings may be that the principal Philadelphia Market for Western Produce may have been on the PRR. The RDG had a Terminal Market, but I believe that market was more for local produce rather than western (or southern) goods. Cars brought by the B&O could terminate at the RDG market, but those reefers would be at the mercy of the PRR for transfer somewhere along the route. Maybe a Philly Phanatic could elaborate more.

Tim Gilbert

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