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On Feb 28, 11:21am, Tim Gilbert wrote:

Still 250 cars a week (13,071 divided by 52 weeks) does not seem that
much. Will you get CRI&P interchange data for Tucumcari, St. Louis &
I hope I will be receiving the data. I typed the Kansas City data
into a spreadsheet while I was at the library. I have asked them to send
me a photocopy of the entire CRI&P Interchange Report, so I hope to have
the whole picture eventually.

What happened to ATSF's other interchanges in Kansas City between 1952 &
1953? Did the ATSF switch preferences from one RR (MP?) to the CRI&P in
the line to St. Louis?
I don't know. I only collected data on the CRI&P and the UP. In
the case of the UP, there was no Interchange Report in the Harvard
collection, so I had to attempt to re-create the report by examining those
of all the other roads that served Kansas City. In all of those cases, I
only noted the data for UP interchange at Kansas City; no other roads, nor
other locations.

Thanks for your insights. At the very least, I can be assured that the
major interchange partner for UP and RI reefers was the Wabash, as
evidenced by the imbalance in loaded cars interchanged "from" and "to" the



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