Re: Canadian stock cars

Richard White

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 17:20:11 -0000

Gene Green asked:
"What is the white stuff on the sides of CP and/or CN stock cars? Why
was it used?"

Ben Hom replied:

"Lime, used to disinfect the cars."

and Tony Thompson replied:

"The cars were PAINTED white. I was once told it was because all
the steam cleaning of the cars faded the BCR paint used on the rest of
the car.
Lime cuold indeed be sprinkled in stock cars on long journeys to
kill fly eggs (or maggots) in the manure, but does not usually make
that much of a mark on the car sides."

When did North American railroads stop using lime as a disinfectant?
The british railway companies stopped using it in the 1920's when more
effectice (?) phenol based disinfectants became widely available and cheap.

Richard White

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