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Rich C <richchrysler@...>

Yes, Frank.

I'm talking about the eastern end (relatively speaking) of the run, east from Michigan via Southern Ontario (shortest route I would think) to get to NY State, etc. via Niagara Falls and Buffalo and on to NYC, etc.
I've seen plenty of pictures of Wabash hauling great long strings of freight through Ontario using their 2200 series K-3 Mikados, just not sure about the PFE's coming through that route.

Rich Chrysler

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Are y'all talking about opposite ends of the haul? Interchanged to the Wabash at Council Bluffs, routed through Michigan and Southern Ontario to Niagara Falls/Buffalo for interchange to NYC, DL&W, LV, etc.?

Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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Rich Chrysler writes:

Would that mean that the PFE shipments on the Wabash would go from Michigan
to New York State through Southern Ontario where the Wabash had running
rights on a through east/west CNR line?

Rich Chrysler"

No, Rich more like Council Bluff via the UP, if the CNW didn't get the haul
to Chicago.

Greg Martin

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