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Thomas Baker


Thank you. Exactly the information I needed.. To have a C&IM hopper on the layout would have been good, but certainly in prototypical colors. Appreciate the help.



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The posting of a link to C&IM hoppers reminds me of a question.
Severall years ago I inquired about the C&IM two-bay offset hoppers.
Someone on the list responded that the hoppers were once painted green
while in service for the C&IM. Is this accurate? If so, what tone of
green might approximate that used by the C&IM?


C&IM hoppers in revenue service were black with white lettering. A few
of the two bay hoppers were converted to locomotive sand cars and
painted green with a red stripe running the length of the car. Colors
were probably the same as those used on the diesels.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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