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Malcolm Laughlin wrote:
The wildest dreams of the red team ?

In the late 50's-early 60's the NYC had at least three daily trainloads
of perishables east from chicago and St. Louis.
And PRR couldn't touch us for service to New York and New England.
I too wondered about Greg Martin's statistics. I would very much doubt that PRR got long-haul perishables to the extent of Greg's number, but of course would have handled a great deal of local perishables. Their service area in major cities like Philadelphia would of course get them a lot of carloads of not only western but southeastern produce. I note he omits B&O as well as NYC from his listing. And equalling the sum of NKP and Erie means what? Considering the PRR total carloads annually, compared to Erie and NKP, it's obvious PRR had a far smaller percentage of total traffic in perishables relative to those two.

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