Re: Perishable traffic

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Douglas Harding wrote:

What are the stats on meat and PHP? So far all I have seen mentioned is
produce, perishables consisted of more than fruits and vegetables.

Meat packers want railroads that delivered on time and with little damage.
Here again the NKP and Erie out of Chicago carried a lot of this traffic, or
so I have been told. Who has the statistics?
Jim Singer released the equivalent for his Naperville clinic. I bitched to him with no avail about the failure to separate originated from total. Unfortunately, my arguements saying that it mattered where the traffic originated was not persuasive.

Unfortunately, he did not anticipate the problem as this discussion has raised when he copied the carloads from the FREIGHT COMMODITY STATISTICS. Its a lot of work, and I can sympathize with him about reluctant to doing it over again. Does not solve our problems though.

Tim Gilbert

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