Re: REA 6900-7899 class

Ian Cranstone

From: "Mike Brock" <>
Can anyone with a 1954 ORER...was their one?....tell me if REA car class
6900-7899 is in it? It is not in the '53 ORER. However, I have a '55 photo
of one in the class. Roseman's book on the REA says the class was built in
'58. Thanks.
I had a quick look through my ORERs, and couldn't find a listing through
10/55. My 7/56 and 10/57 show 500 cars in the 6900-7399 series, and the
1/58 shows 1000 cars in the 6900-7899 series.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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