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Ian Cranstone

From: "Ned Carey" <westernmd@...>
At the Cocoa Beach Meet Tony Thompson mentioned that the reason more
detailed info is not in ORERs for tank cars is that there was (is) a
corresponding book specifically for tank cars. What is this book called? How
often were they published?
I did see an August 1960 issue -- as I recall the volume title was "Tank Car
Capacities". The pages are titled "TARIFF 300-1" (I had the Canadian
section photocopied from this issue). It's roughly the size of an ORER from
that period, but a little thicker as I recall.

Basically it lists the cars by owner (reporting mark) and car number. For
each car there is a capacity given for the shell of the car and the dome
capacity. Many cars also have notes given (stupidly, I didn't get the notes
legend copied), which doubtless offer further details on the cars. One
interesting feature of this list is that they list specific numbers of each
car in service, rather than just a range of numbers.

I understand they are even more rare that ORERs. I would like to keep my eye
out for one. I wonder which of the archives in the DC area might have one.
The only copy I've ever seen was the aforementioned August 1960 issue, held
by the Archives of Ontario. I'd sure love to locate a few more myself.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
lamontc@... (note change: was lamontc@...)

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