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Bruce Smith

On Mon, March 6, 2006 8:33 pm, Malcolm Laughlin wrote:

I hope it is evident to everyone that the fact that a
car had an auto car type designation did not necessarily
mean it was in auto service.
Indeed, for one car, see the example of PRR X31 59944 in PRR's wartime

This class XA criss-crossed the country from May 23, 1943 to September 10,
1943 with loads including:
ship parts (Pittsburgh to Seattle)
wood pulp (Seattle to Everett Wash)
paper (Wachusett, Mass to Washington DC)
airplane parts (Baltimore MD to Wichita Kan)
hospital supplies (Wichita Kan to Pleasanton CA?)
lumber (Feather River to Chicago)

Of course, the lack of autos isn't a fair comparison, as production was
suspended. However, XA cars were still in high demand to transport
military vehicles.

One of my favorite loads for an automobile car was the US Army's first
jet. Films show it being unloaded from an L&N end-door equipped 50'
double door automobile car.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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