UTLX19656 PRM cover photo

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

I was once again enjoying the Speedwitch magazine Prototype Railroad Modeling this afternoon on my way home from work, when something unexpected happened. I've become so used to never looking at the back of magazines (can't bear another MRC add; still miss the PFM adds of my youth) that I realized I hadn't seen the excellent prototype photos on the back cover.

On the lower half of the rear cover is a photo dated 1939 by Lee Russell - part of the Office of War Information, Library of Congress collection. The photo shows UTLX19656, a four horizontal course tank car. I don' think its been discussed here before - my apologies if I missed it!

As I look at it, I am thinking either Tichy or P2K 10000 gallon tank - on a kitbashed or scratch frame. I'm wondering whether there is data to identify the capacity of the car? I'm also wondering about the tank's length and diameter. And how many similar cars in the UTLX fleet?

Anyone have any answers?

Rob Kirkham

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