Union Pacific B-50-19 boxcar details

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I have some questions concerning Union Pacific B-50-19 class boxcars,
number series 182812-183999 (1937 AAR design).

1. The table of as-built 1937 AAR boxcars on the Steam Era Freight
Cars website lists the brakewheels for these cars as a mix of
Universal, Miner and Ajax. Does anyone know which series of cars
received Ajax brakewheels?

2. These cars were built in 1936-1937. Should the Ajax brakewheel be
the early model, with the four center spokes?

3. What sort of trucks are appropriate? Prototype photos show trucks
that look like a Proto 2000 spring plankless truck, or an
Accurail "Bettendorf" truck.

Mark Heiden

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