General covered hopper questions (Was: Re: Frico PS2)

David Smith <dsmith@...>

Maybe it's just semantics, but it's not the Frisco itself that would be
doing the shipping - it would be some industry to whom the car happened
to get delivered, perhaps not even on the Frisco which begs the broader

Did covered hoppers, like boxcars, travel widely or did they stay closer
to home?

Also, were covered hoppers ever used on an LCL basis or were they
restricted to serving large industries?

The D&H shipped a lot of cement in covered hoppers from online plants,
but it's not clear if any would have ended up on the Chateauguay branch,
which (except for a mine and pig iron furnace) served primarily small

Dave Smith

I have a Kadee Frisco PS2 (No. 84084, if that matters).
What would
the Frisco have been shipping in
these cars?


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