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At some point (after 1955, so I really don't care!), the UP added classes
"BI" and "BF"; I believe the first was for Insulated Box cars; I forget
what BF stood for.



On Mar 7, 10:27am, Tim O'Connor wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] harriman codes

Allen Rueter wrote

Would B2 be considered a Harriman Standard code?
As far as I know the only railroad that used B2 to designate a
freight car class was the N&W. The Harriman era Common Standard
classification system was

<category> - <nominal tonnage rating> - <group>

A- auto cars
B- box cars (including insulated cars)
C- caboose cars
F- flat cars
G- gondola cars
H- hopper cars (including covered hoppers)
O- oil (tank) cars
R- refrigerator cars
S- stock cars
W- work cars (maintenance of way)

There were also C.S. classifications for passenger cars and locomotives.
UP diverged from this system in the 1950's but SP never did, and even
applied it to Cotton Belt equipment in the 1960's. SP dropped the A-
category after 1955 for new cars; auto racks got F- classifications.
UP continued to use the A- classification through the 1970's for at
least 16 classes of 100 ton box cars (e.g. A-100-16).

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