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Regarding per centages of home cars on home rails, I believe that Dave
Nelson provided us with some '44 [?] data about this some time ago. I know I
have it somewhere. Anyhow, I believe that for UP, for example, only about
30% of the frt cars on UP property at one time were UP cars...about like
Richard reports for ATSF. I believe that the major coal roads like N&W and
C&O were in the 60% range.

Mike Brock
I have read that AT&SF was closer to 60%, while the UP and SP reported
30% but that this ignored PFE cars!* I think 30% is a minimum for a model
of most any railroad, just to plant the idea in the viewer's mind that
they are definitely looking at the Santa Fe (or UP, or SP) and not some
fictitious line...

( * while the AT&SF total included SFRD cars )

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