Plano vs. Kadee Running boards

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Shawn Beckert wrote:
I think it's a question of how badly Garth wants them <g>. Plano
*does* offer a Morton running board package, part #190, for 40'
boxcars. Failing that, there are sheets of Morton pattern material
available, parts #203 (stainless steel) and #204 (brass). Check
out the web page at:
And a very nice one it is. I've just uploaded six photos comparing the
Plano and Kadee running boards to the Photos section. (Folder
named "Plano vs. Kadee roof walks.) The car with the Morton is an old
C&BT 12-panel that I cut down to 10' 0" IH but never finished. The
Kadee part is about 2 1/2 scale inches (0.030") longer than the Plano,
you can decide for yourself if it's suitable for the Kadee box car.

Tom Madden

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