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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...> wrote:


If you're going to use it on the club (West Virginia/Virginia) then
a Frisco cement hopper would be an oddity. Gypsum, or bauxite,
silica sand, or some additive for a refinery would be good. I like
the cracking catalyst idea someone mentioned, since these often
come from ancient fossilized rock and are quite valuable, so they
can be shipped a long way -- and the east coast (Delaware, PA,
NJ) is littered with refineries of all kinds. That gives you a long
haul from one stage to the other!

I don't know of any of these small 2 bay cars used for granulated
sugar. The smallest sugar covered hoppers I know of in the 50's
would be single bay airslides, which were used for starch, sugar
and flour.

Seven of B&M's #5500-5519 series of ACF 1,958cf covered hoppers were sold to Revere Sugar in Jan-Feb 1956, and another six were sold to Revere in 1958.

Tim Gilbert

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